football player fakes death during play on field

okay, so some of you know I’m a sports fan.  I’m major into WWE (wrestling) and the NFL.  but really, all sports are cool.  especially football.

so yeah.  Arkansas State attempted to pull off a fake punt that resulted horribly in an interception.

okay, no big deal.  whatever.  however, the Arkansas State player Booker Mays FAKING HIS OWN DEATH ON THE FIELDthat’s a big deal.  check out the gifs below.

^ so here he “dies”, grabbing his heart and falling straight back

^ but when he notices the interception, he suddenly has to reanimate
^ it’s also very clear that when he stands back up, he gets a good shot knocked on him

struggling to find the dead Mays?
here’s a more clear, zoomed-in video for you.


like seriously, what the righteous fuck?


5 thoughts on “football player fakes death during play on field

  1. Hey, Georgia Girl here. I write a blog, sort of a girl’s guide to sports. And I have no idea how I missed this play. I assume his teammates had to know he was going to do it, or else they’d have run to his aid, so yeah, what in the world?! You see players faking injuries all the time – remember the punter that fell down grabbing his leg and he wasn’t even touched?

    Bee Bayley
    Georgia Girl’s Guide


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