~REBLOGGED~ Georgia Girl’s Guide to… Football

cute little write-up for lasses who aren’t already football fans. (we can even keep the red+black reference for my local UL team, lol.)

Georgia Girl's Guide

So hubby/boyfriend/all your guy friends are throwing a huge party to watch the Georgia game and the girls are invited? Here’s what you need to know to survive without spending the entire time in the kitchen making munchies or bored to tears.

1) Football is surprisingly fun to watch. Anyone can get into the game if you know a little about the rules, so let’s start there.

There are four downs in a possession. (Possession being each team’s turn on offense.) When a team gets to third down, they want a conversion, or getting a new first down. If they get to fourth down, they’ll usually punt (kick the ball to the other team), try for a field goal (kick the ball through the goal posts), or play it (rare if it’s not fourth and inches).

A field goal gets the team three points. A touchdown is six points, with…

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