my beliefs

this was posted in my original DreamWidth journal in April 2013 (so my views may have slightly altered since then):


Faith is very important to me. this is not to be confused with Religion, about which I have very little concern. the latter of which should not be confused with Practice and Rituals, which I respect.

Faith is simply what you believe. Religion is the institutionalization of Faith. the Rituals and Practices are the actions undergone in order to carry out a particular Faith or Religion. at least, that’s how I define these terms. and that’s the definitions you should keep in mind while reading the following piece.

these are my Truths, or the foundations for my Faith:

  • A High Power
    • I believe there is a Higher Power, henceforth the Creator, that created the universe.
    • I believe the Creator is considerably impassive of humans, though He does have a broad love of all his creations.
    • I believe the Creator is generally uninvolved in the ongoings of humans. I believe that the spiritual interplay comes from the (later explained) Spiritual Plane and humans’ interactions with and beseechment of it.
    • I do not believe that the Creator is infallible. I do believe He is a jealous being.
    • I do not believe that there is an evil or negative Being, such as the devil. I believe evil is is caused by humans.
  • Creation
    • I believe that the week of Creation is metaphorical.
    • I believe in a scientifically-free spiritual plane, and that plane leaks through to ours upon occasion.   such are the cause of miracles, coincidences, and things of that nature.
    • I believe that all things have a connection to said Spiritual Plane, some objects and entities having a stronger connection than others.
    • the Spiritual Plane is fuelled by though separate from the Creator.
    • I believe Nature (and planet and its accompanying elements) deserve respect, as they are one of the most pure connections to the Spiritual Plane.
    • I believe via Prayer one can communicate with the Spiritual Plane.
    • I believe via Rituals one can call upon the power of the Spiritual Plane.
    • I believe the Spiritual power and connections in each item were the gods of the classical Religions (Greek, Roman, Norse, etc), as well as the Saints of Catholicism. they still deserve respect and honour.
  • Afterlife
    • I believe there is a Judgment and its Punishments, the latter also being called the Afterlife.
    • I believe maintaining a virtuous and considerate life will earn one a positive judgment, whereas a selfish, manipulative, and harmful life earns one a negative judgment.
    • I do not believe in the Rapture. I do believe that Judgment occurs upon each individual’s death in this Physical Plane.
  • Prophets
    • I believe that Jesus Christ was a prophet with supernatural powers, and the favoured Son of the Creator.
    • I believe that time has seen other supernaturally-inclined prophets, though none as strong or as favoured as Jesus Christ.
  • Humanity
    • I believe humans are innately flawed and evil. by overcoming out selfish nature, we earn positive judgment. such is why it is more difficult to be “good” and selfless than it is to be “bad” and selfish.
    • I believe suffering is caused by the innate evil of human nature.
    • I do not believe humans are worth more than any other of the Creator’s creations. I believe that the Creator shares a similar view.
    • I believe that humans are like kings of the other creations. though just as a king is morally equal to a peasant, so are humans to other creatures and nature. (because of this kinghood, the Creator’s prophets come to this Plane in the form of humans.)
  • The Bible
    • I believe the Bible is fallible, as it was written by humans influenced by society.
    • I believe the authors of the Bible had their Faith’s best interest in mind, but I believe they were often influenced and blinded by their Religion, and therefore sometimes wrote a skewed truth.


“on what do you base these beliefs?” you ask me. my honest answer is: I don’t know. part of Faith, to me, is believing in something without having proof. you can Believe or have Faith that something will turn out “alright”, even though evidence may suggest otherwise. Faith is based off of your Heart, not your Head. and the above statements are true as decided by my Heart.

but what does that make me?

I don’t know.

I’m obviously not an apatheist or an atheist. I’m not strictly a polytheist, as I believe there exists a supreme Higher Power. I am not a monotheist because I believe in praying to smaller gods in order to connect with the Spiritual Plane. I guess I would be henotheistic in the sense of theism. but I’m not fully a theist, as I believe in the Spiritual Force that resides in the Spiritual Plane and can be transferred to our Physical Plane.

I have no single word for my Faith. it’s just my Faith; it’s just what I Believe. and every day, I struggle with these beliefs. but at the end of the day, they remain intact.

I guess this is why I also struggle with attending a church. I don’t believe that the Creator is all-loving and compassionate. I believe He is deserving of our respect. but I believe we deserve to limit our love (not to be confused with limiting our compassion) to those we choose – deities included. just as one can respect an elder or authority, we do not have to love them.

I am passionate about the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them to unto you. I believe that we should treat others with compassion and respect, though that is all that is required. those are “better” or “worthy” will prove such by gifting more compassionate unto others than the minimum (the minimum being basically don’t be a fucking dickhead to everyone – it’s really rather easy). additional compassionate may manifest in the form of volunteer work, charity and donation, and carrying out favours while expecting nothing in return. I believe that when their Judgment comes upon their death, these people will be granted a positive Afterlife. I believe that those who have done ill will receive a negative Afterlife. and I believe those who carried out the bare minimum will also be granted a positive Afterlife, though their blessings and enjoyment will be less than that of the more “worthy” folk.


I would love to hear a detailed description of your own views. and please, offer any counter points or contradictions to my Faith.   want to be confident in my beliefs, which can be made stronger by my defending them.


leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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