TMI Time with James!

so as some of you may know, I’ve been very susceptible to cystitis (or UTI’s) since I was a young kid.  especially on road trips.  that’s when it was the worst.  because we’d have sodas all weekend long, and not enough water.  and we’d normally be doing something outdoors, so I would get further dehydrated.

anyway.  in Dec 2008, I got one of my normal UTI’s, and I did what I always did — took OTC (over-the-counter) Azo or non-name brand meds and drank water.  typically, after two days or so, the UTI would vacate, and I’d be fine.  but my usual approach didn’t work that time around.  instead, it turned into a kidney infection.  a kidney infection so bad, that my mother had to bring me to the hospital.

well, it happened again last night.

since that incident, I followed my doctor’s orders of taking cranberry pills every morning and every night, plus randomly drinking cranberry juice.  on top of all this, I would still use the OTC meds to knock it out.  this tactic worked for several years.

until I stopped taking my meds.  like, all of them.  my Crazy pills, my vitamins, ect. — thus, also the cranberry pills.

so this past Saturday, I get a UTI.  I take some OTC meds and start my cranberry pills up.  but certain bad habits (like holding it when I really need to pee, drinking a little bit of alcohol when I shouldn’t, etc.) made it flare up quickly.

I get the typical flank cramps of a kidney infection Wednesday morning.  so I set up an appointment with my family physician for Thursday morning.  however, as the day progresses, it gets worse.  by 6:15 pm Wed night, I can barely walk.

Brian convinces me to agree to go to a late night clinic we found online.  so around 7 pm, we leave.  but that place isn’t open late night anymore, we discover when we arrive — on the other side of town from home….

so we go to a hospital, asking about any other late night clinics.  they suggest one right down the road.  around 7:45 pm, we walk in.  we do paperwork, I fight off tears, and we move on.

(mind you, I’m known for having an incredibly high pain tolerance.  so for pain to cause me to weep — that’s some pretty fucking intense pain!!)

well, the doctor finally sees me.  he was very adamant about informing me how terrible my kidney infection had become, and was hardcore on my going to the ER.  “if you don’t go to the ER, I won’t refuse you antibiotics.  but I’m begging you to just go to the ER.”

reluctantly, I agree to go.

we get the ER (of a different, closer hospital) around 8:55 or so.  eventually, they take my blood.  it was pretty rad.  despite my warnings, he wasn’t prepared for how thing my blood is, and how it loves to jump out my body at any give chance.  so it kinda made a mess all over.  I was highly amused.

later, they stick IV’s in and pump three different kinds of shit into me.  one thing in particular made me really fucking dizzy and loopey and I don’t even know what the fuck else.  then they get to shove three different catheters in my urethra.  (what is it with this hospital and three’s?)  I remembered catheters being more painful.  this time around, however, it wasn’t so much painful as just uncomfortable.  maybe it’s because my side was still hurting too much to notice much of anything else.

so they run tests on the blood and urine, and OH YEAH DO I HAVE KIDNEY INFECTION. in fact, it was full-blown pyleonephritis.  but they worried that I might have kidney stones on top of that.  so they did a CT scan.  thankfully, that came out clear.

around fucking midnight, we finally get to leave.  I get home, and zonk the fuck out.

OH!  and on top of allllll of this, I had started my period on Saturday.  so yeah, Vagina Volcano all week along too.  *awesome.*

so this morning, Mum comes over to take me to get my prescriptions and go to Bowers.  but we’ll save that for another entry.


Moral of the Story:  if you have insurance (which I did this time around), do not wait to go to the doctor.  sometimes, you have to suck it up and just go anyway.



2 thoughts on “TMI Time with James!

  1. What the fuck is this? Here I am just minding my own business, browsing some biology stuff and google just inserts a cat video (you and zero), and the next thing I know I’m reading the TMI’s of your life. WTF google+? Any-road, hope you feel better…aw hell I don’t even know how old this post is I was just skimming and clicking links.


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