an open book

within the last few years, I opened up my Twitter to the public, no longer having my Tweets locked to Friends Only. in Feb 2013, I started my unpublicized Google site. and I started my WordPress site, which is already growing in popularity, at the beginning of this month.

it’s now time to open the doors to the future posts of my DreamWidth and LiveJournal.

mind you, I won’t be opening past entries. because I’m trying to move forward from there. but with the WordPress being so public, and basically all the entries being identical, why keep some private and others not.

I’m tired of hiding, of pretending. almost everyone knows I struggle with Depression. not everyone knows the severity, and not everyone really needs to anyway. but maybe there’s others out there who don’t know me personally, but reading my blog helps them. I know of several blogs I read tha encourage me in my struggles. I want to return the favour.

so starting with this post, things are going to be more public, more open. my WordPress and Google site people may not notice, but my DreamWidth and LiveJournal stalkers may.

I’ve come to realise there’s nothing they can use against me that I’m not already using against myself.

though I do have one concern: my parents.  I’m kinda nervous if they stumble across certain entries on here.  they worry enough as is.

but at the same time, I get scolded when I withhold my struggles from them.  so maybe this can be a nice balance?

I’m not terribly concerned about coworkers and bosses, as I’m not connected with any of the latter on social media; and the few coworkers with whom I am connected, I consider them friends, and they know much of this already.


leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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