colorless green ideas sleep furiously

wow. that last time I posted was on the sixth? and I was drunk at the time. what a marvelous update it must have been for you all. :/

I think I’m falling into a hypomanic phase. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing.

I tend to get hypomanic during my period.  and I think I should be starting that soon.  I usually have an app on my phone that tracks my cycle.  but with my phone being in the shop for repairs, I’m kinda at a loss.

anyhow, I’m showing manic symptoms. my legs do the bouncing more hwne I’m sitting still. I’m struggling to type because my hands are moving faster than my brain can keep up; or is it that my brain is moving faster than my fingers? I’m not really sure on that one. it’s probably both. oh, and focus — I have none. as is evident by this paragraph.

so yeah, I think I’m hypomanic.  there was that post I wrote a while back about manias.  it’s apt.

which may be nice. maybe I’ll actually get some shit done.

my apartment is a mess. like, a disaster. and of course I’m apparently the only person in there capable of cleaning. it’s like Brian’s got an allergy against cleaning. I dunno; whatever. I’ll work on that this weekend.

I’ve also got a lot of papers and homework to grade this weekend too. I have to have them back to the students by Monday so they can work on their final drafts due Wed. ugh.

but Saturday is the Gulf Brew festival. it’s an event wherein you can sample over 100 different beers. I love it. Dad and I go every year now. it’s fun. my mum is always my dad and my DD. I print the book out and check off what I like and don’t like.


in other news, I’ve been catching up on my shows. I’m way behind in wrestling, sadly. I have no clue who’s feuding who. but I’m behind only one episode in each Bones, Castle, and The Red Band Society. I’m still way behind in Glee and Supernatural though. meanwhile, I’m caught up on Gotham.

and I’ve been drinking too much again. I gotta learn to control it better. :/

okay, I don’t think I really have anything of any importance to say now. peace out.


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