Daddy & me at Gulf Brew 2014

Daddy & me at Gulf Brew 2014

I’m a little late on posting about it, but I’m sure you’ll get over it.

this past Saturday, Daddy and I went to Lafayette’s 8th annual Gulf Brew festival.  it was really fun.  I had been sick the night before and still felt ill the morning of, so I couldn’t drink as much as I usually do.

I really enjoyed Founder’s Marionberry Braggot.  I had never had it before.  the local Dead Yeast Society had their Tabasco Beer again, which I always love and seek out.  they also premiered a limited-time-only Banana Beer.  IT WAS AMAZING.  by far my favorite.  sadly, I couldn’t find the LA 31 table.  😦

but it wasn’t just about the beer.  we got free swag too.  we got coozies, car air fresheners, key chains, lighters, bottle openers, lighters with a bottle opener attached (wicked!), sunglasses etc.

and we had fun.  we took the above photo, we played Foozeball (wherein, of course, I won), we played Bolo Ball (and of course, Dad won that), and goofed around with different people.


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