much ado about mentally ill celebs

Mental illness is a disease just as much as cancer or chlamydia. It is not elective, it is not fun, and it certainly is not funny. We don’t go around photographing chemotherapy patients, hoping to catch them in a fragile moment.

Molly Oswaks of The Daily Beast wrote a great piece about how our society loves watching celebrities fall apart and how horrible that is for the mentally ill population in her article “From Britney to Byne, Why Do We Love Watching Mentally Ill Celebs?”.

it’s wonderful and very powerful piece, as the above quote depicts.  I highly recommend anyone interested in the mentally ill culture or in celebrity gossip to give it a quick read.

So why is it okay for paparazzi agencies to send out their goons when a young woman is publicly exhibiting symptoms of a mental health emergency? It isn’t. It’s shameful.


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