various fandoms

Brian and I completed watching The Irresponsible Captain Tylor last week.  it was great, minus the last three or so episodes.  no real spoilers, but those last few episodes just didn’t fit the rest of the mood.  it was too serious; it felt like they were trying too hard.


meanwhile, I’m finally caught up on Supernatural.  as in I watched all of season nine on Netflix, and caught up with season ten on Hulu. so much cray cray going on.  and I’m so glad Crowley is still around.  but Hannah — fuck that bitch.

Jennifer said she doesn’t like mopey, emo Dean.  I think Demon!Dean is hawt.  but hey, I like my fictional bad guys.  :3


wheeee!  Brian and I saw the NOLA Pelicans vs Magic game last night.  (this gif is from a different game, yeah. but this video is from last night.)  last night, we beat Orlando 101 to 84.  aw yeah!

Elfrid Payton is a grad from my alma mater of UL, so it was cool seeing him play in the pros.


what’s next is catching up Castle and Bones.  I’m also behind on NXT.

then I’m one to several seasons behind in American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Grimm, and Once Upon a Time.  I need to see what of those is on Netflix or Hulu.


and then reading.  I still haven’t finish reading A Alvarez’ The Savage God.  yeah, it’s a great book.  however, it’s really thick and a very slow read.  I am really enjoying it.  it’s just not quite light reading, lol.


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