embarrassing email to boss

so I just sent the following email to my supervisor:

Ms. Katherine,

It plagues me to have to inform you that in the last month, I received a DUI due to new medication I was taking. I haven’t heard yet on what the repercussions will be. However, they might include a stint of incarceration. I do not know when or for how long. As soon as I learn more, I’ll let you know.

I just wanted to give you the heads up, in case the incarceration forces me to miss some days of work. I’ll look into how that would be catalogued in LOLA.

I’m terribly embarrassed about the situation, and I apologize for any inconveniences this causes.

As stated, I will keep you updated on the process.


ugh, this is so disgusting.


as I told a friend, it would be one thing if this were done on purpose, if I had actively gotten into the car drunk.  but I didn’t.  I blacked out at home, with no intention of going anywhere that night.  and this happened after only two beers.  again, we’re thinking it was mixing the meds from my stomach virus with the alcohol.

and also as I told him, however, a DUI is a DUI, no matter the circumstances.

I have to get one of those interlocking devices for my car.  and in 30 days, my license will be suspended; not sure for how long, but some cases it can be up to a full year.


I’m not sure what’s upsetting me more — the fact that this happened again, or the fact that I might lose my job.  I can get over the car interlock, all the money I have to pay, the embarrassment with my family, etc.  I’m not even as terrified as going to prison as I probably should be.  the community service and classes I’ll have to take, I can get over that too.  it’s the fact that I’m dealing with this all over again, and that I might lose my job over it.  hell, I may lose my job over my rehab I’ll be doing anyway.

maybe it’s better this way.  this is the longest I’ve ever held a job.  maybe it’s time to move on.

I have a meeting in just over an hour with the rehab lady, Ms Alicia.  we’ll see what she has to say.


hey, for what it’s worth, I haven’t cut yet over this.  I think that’s largely due because Brian would never leave my side once he got me, lol.  but yeah, hadn’t cut yet.  I don’t expect that to last very long.  but at least this long is something.


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