awesome piece on why you shouldn’t hate someone for considering or committing suicide. instead, we need to try to understand their pain.


When someone is diagnosed with a disease, we try to understand their condition and we talk to them about it. We make an effort to help that person in any way we can. If they die, we understand why and we try to make it so that less people meet the same fate. But somehow, when someone chooses to take their own life, we react differently than if someone died because they had a weak heart. We don’t like to talk about it. We don’t usually acknowledge how they died in their obituary. It’s as if we are scared to admit that we knew someone who ended their own life. Or maybe we feel guilty. Or maybe we just don’t want everyone to know what happened to the person we love.

The point is, we don’t like to talk about suicide. It’s kind of like this taboo subject that can…

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