Positivity Journal 2014-11-17

so one of my homework from rehab Group is start a Positivity journal.  they didn’t give me any additional details.  as such, I’m creating my own guidelines:

list three things for which you are thankful or that was positive about the day, and discuss them.


so here we go for Monday….

  1. watched first Hot Shots with Brian
    1. I really enjoyed this movie and its sequel as a kid.  I love slapstick and visual comedies.
    2. and it was nice watching Brian’s reaction to the movie (he hadn’t seen it in ages).
  2. fasting Wednesday with kik friends
    1. I semi-accidentally organised a fast with my ED kik group.  that’s the same group for whom I made the weight/BMI spreadsheet, but not the same who are losing 40-in-40 with me.  (yes, I have several ED groups, lol.  shut up.)
    2. it’s gonna be hard to do, but I’m excited!
  3. got some grading done already
    1. during the break at Group, I got three essays graded.  not as much as I would have liked, but what can you do.
    2. I also impressed everyone with my dedication and responsibility.  so suck it, junkies, lol.

leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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