~REBLOGGED~ What Makes a Bad Word a Bad Word?

hm, I’m quite the opposite of the author. I curse all the damn time. I managed a heliport when I was in my early 20s. being around the pilots, off-shore workers, and mechanics all the time, and being a general Social Sponge, I definitely picked up their habit of liberally using profanity. in fact, during my linguistics studies in high school and at college, I wrote numerous papers on profanity and its application to and importance in society.

however, I never looked at it from a syllabic perspective. I wonder if multiple syllables are more “acceptable” because they sound more advanced — like saying “I hate that” versus “I abhor that”, or “mad” versus “angry” versus “livid” versus “infuriated”. this is something I’m going to look more into.

Dysfunctional Literacy

I'm usually a polite guy, but sometimes certain inappropriate words must be said (image via wikimedia) I’m usually a polite guy, but sometimes an  inappropriate word must be uttered. (image via wikimedia)

I yelled out “Sh*t!” in the grocery store today.  It was a little out of character for me.  I rarely use profanity or bad language when I’m out in public.

In this case, I might have been justified. I was reaching for one of those metal handles in the refrigerated section, and I got zapped so hard I could hear the “ZZzzzpppp!”  I yelped out my profanity and danced around swinging my hand when I noticed a family with a bunch of kids watching me.  I’m not sure if they found my profanity or my dancing (or maybe both) curious, so I moved on, embarrassed.

Maybe I shouldn’t have felt bad.  “Sh*t!” is just a word.  I mean, it’s one of those words that I was taught not to say as a kid, but it’s still…

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