FUCKING HELL PEOPLE. stop asking what we have to be depressed about or telling us about how worse others have it. reasons like THESE are why some of us don’t fucking reach out to you!!

The Manic Years

As a person who sufferes with depression, anxiety, even with the mania symptoms, that is the one question that pushes me in and makes me feel so alone.

My anxiety is bad tonight.


I’m feeling low


I can’t switch my mind off


………………I dont f*****g know.

It’s like the other people (who care for you don’t get me wrong) are trying to make an excuse up for themselves to understand, as they have no idea of the internal thunderstorm that you hold. They can’t mentally make sense out of it, they are human beings after all, and we as humans have some raw curiosity that strives for us to place an understanding on everything.

My anxiety is bad tonight

-“Why? What are you worried about?”

I’m feeling low

-“Why? What’s happened? There must be something bothering you.”

I can’t switch my mind off.

-“Why? What are…

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