it’s January 13th, and I’m only just now getting around to reviewing this past year.  I think that’s very suggestive of how much I don’t want to think back on the year, lol.

I don’t often do these year-end reviews, because I don’t like the calendar construct.  I’m one of those hipsters, ya know.  😛

as always, before embarking on a task, I research it.  “what format do others use?”  “on what topics do they focus?”  “do they include a 2015 plan?”  et cetera.  and of course, for something as personal and fluffy as this, I found a million answers.

many people listed ten or so of the more positives events or projects from the previous, and then three to five things they wished they had worked on or improved, or plan to do so in the upcoming year.  some answered arbitrary questions.  yet others posted up specific side-by-side comparisons to the previous year.  I’ll do a funky little mix of it all.


  • Living Arrangements
    • 2014:  Brian and I are still together. there were many fits after which I was sure I would be moving out, because he deserved someone better than me.
    • 2015:  depending on where Brian ends up getting a job, we may be moving around the summer or fall of this year.  I’m not sure what exactly is going to happen.
  • Education
    • 2014:  so.  dropped out of grad school.  that was 1.5 years of pure regret.  but we learn from our mistakes.  and I learned I’m just going to have to take classes face-to-face; online will not be sufficient for me, apparently.
    • 2015:  I want to continue researching things as I do, looking up random topics and data.  I want to continue occasionally enrolling in free online courses such as those offered by Coursera and the like.
  • Employment
    • 2014: boringly stagnate. however, teaching last semester did provide new challenges. and now I know that teaching isn’t for me.
    • 2015: until we move, I’ll probably just stick with being a Library Specialist. ::shrugs::
  • Creativity
    • 2014: I didn’t even participate in NaNoWriMo this year. that’s exactly how much I’ve been working on adding to the world.
    • 2015: I really need to start writing, drawing, painting, etc. I think once I start creating things again, I’ll start to feel better.
  • Transportation
    • 2014:  getting my bike stolen sucked.  but it means I got a nice pretty bike instead.  :3  and then this whole interlock in the car — something’s wrong with my engine right now.  blah.
    • 2015:  the interlock come off in June or so, I think.  that’s gonna suck.  but once it warms up, I hope to be using my bike much more again.
  • Finances
    • 2014:  rehab and legal issues meant spending more than I planned.  also, I started dipping into my savings a lot more at the end of the year.  I definitely did poorly in this category.  😦
    • 2015:  I need to create a budget and actually adhere to it, therein saving up money again.  because I’m running a negative slope currently.  meh.
  • Legal Issues
    • 2014:  obviously, getting the DUI II sucked.  then there was one “misuse of lane” ticket earlier in the year.  otherwise, I did real well!
    • 2015:  I haven’t endured any of the consequences for the second DUI yet.  so I foresee all of that occurring in the next few months.
  • Physical Health
    • 2014:  I didn’t do much of anything.  I didn’t do any adventure runs, no major river trips, only one visit to the rock wall, etc.  I really was a lazy piece of shit for most of the year.
    • 2015:  as always, I’m determined to do this better.  maybe with Sean living locally, he’ll inspire me to do more.
  • Mental/Emotional Health
    • 2014:  I kept talking about getting a therapist, but never did.  I talked about it even more when I went into rehab.  still didn’t.
    • 2015:  I want to sit down with Brian and see if he thinks I should still look into.  it’s just, with all the other money I’ll be spending….
  • Spiritual Health
    • 2014:  went to church regularly and reluctantly with Dad and Mum.  did not do anything to grow here otherwise.
    • 2015:  even if it’s just a two-minute meditation, I need to do something to start finding a Center of sorts.
  • Social Health
    • 2014:  basically non-existent.  the beginning of the year, I was in grad school still.  middle to end of the year, I was teaching.  and then last few months, rehab.
    • 2015:  now that I’ve weeded out a lot of people, I hope to do a better job of keeping out those I don’t like and instead focusing on those who are healthy for me.
  • Entertainment/Fandoms
    • 2014:  MechaCon was ass.  fuck them.  started many new and great shows.  fell into some new book series.  and then of course, the new TMNT movie and Wrestlemania.  whee!!  it was an okay year for fandoms.
    • 2015:  I want to start reading more.  I’m not meeting my yearly goal for books read.  I hope that with more free time, I’ll be reading more.
  • Travel
    • 2014:  I don’t think I went anywhere new this year.  😦
    • 2015:  it’s time for Brian and me to go on another road trip, even if just to somewhere in Mississippi or northern Louisiana, lol.

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