I feel like I’ve been shoved into the middle of a race at the back of the pack, and I’m the only one with my arms tied behind my back, thus making balance and speed more difficult to manage.

in theory, I could still finish the race.  I wouldn’t win, obviously.  but I could at least finish.  however, it’s going to be a painful and arduous task.  and it seems like if I were to finish, the credit of completion would not go to me, because it’s not even my race.

I don’t know how long the course is, and I don’t know if the terrain will remain consistent or grow more challenging.  I can’t refresh as I run, because my arms are tied and unable to bring water to my lips.  I can’t pull over to the side to catch my breathe, as all those rushing behind will trample me.

I don’t like running.  I can’t find any way to spin this into a positive.  and I don’t think I have the gumption or ability to endure this.  I’m ready to just get tread on and cease running.


leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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