so excited for a former instructor of mine!! :D

I’m so stoked!!  I just found out that Wiley Cash is a nominee for the 2014 Edgar Allen Poe Award!!  😀  but conversely, the news makes me incredibly depressed and regretful.  :/

some background:

the Edgar Awards are just another set of recognitions given annually to kickass writers.

Mr. Wiley, meanwhile, was my UL Creative Writing teacher back in 2005 or so.  it was when I had first started college.  he was working on his Creative Writing Masters or whatever, so he was student instructor (like Brian is for math).  and I was convinced I was going to be a novelist too.  it was my Passion, my Drive, my Reason.

but, I’m ever the pessimist.  everytime I’d degrade my work, doubt my talent, fall short of a goal — Mr. Wiley was one of the ones cheering me one.  even semesters later, when I was no longer his student, he’s stop me in the hallway and ask how my writing was going.  “what contests have you applied to?  are you writing for the school’s paper?  what about UL’s creative publication; have you submitted anything to that recently?”

I remember one time very clearly.  I was a semester or two away from graduation, and I ran into Wiley in the Student Union for some event or whatever.  he was setting up a table about the English Department.  he recognized me immediately and introduced me to his colleague who was also setting up said table.  he then proceeded to tell the gent how I was one of the most talented students he’s ever had and that he regrets I never joined the creative writing publication team (of which he was now president).

it wasn’t just “she’s a good writer”.  it was that I was one of the best.

Mr. Wiley and Connor (who was also a student teacher of mine at UL, and is now teaching professionally here at SLCC where I’m a librarian) were both imperative in my writing career.  they both encouraged me greatly to pursue my Dream of being published.  and they’ve both done so well in achieving their own goals.

it just really sucks that I’ve let them down.


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