“you’re not alone”

really?  I’m not alone.  and somehow, the  fact that millions of others are suffering with me, somehow this is supposed to make me feel better?

no.  it makes them feel better, the people who tell you this.  it makes them feel like they’ve done something, like they’ve covered their ass in the Help the Crazy People Program.

you know, sometimes there’s just nothing a person can do.  sometimes all a person can say is, “hey, I’m here for you.”

and I suppose what’s what that mean sometimes when they say “you’re not alone”.  they mean, “you’re not alone, because I’m right next to you ready to help in any way that I can.”

but so often do I read online, “remember: you’re not alone.”  bitch, there are millions of people with various mental disorders, and thousands of people with the same as or similar to me.  and even after playing lab rat on me and all these others, and for as long as we have, we stilll can’t fix some people.

I dunno.  this is turning into a late-night depressive woe-is-me rant.  sorry about that, kids.

but if you’re wanting to tell someone that you’re there for and are supportive of them, fucking say that instead of making them feel guilty for feeling bad.


5 thoughts on ““you’re not alone”

  1. Exfuckingzactly. I hate that speech. Ooooohhhhh you’re not alone – wtf? Yeah, I’m alone. I have no family closer than 6000 miles away and very little even then. I live alone. I have friends, but not all that many locally. When I say I’m alone, I mean it. And I hate the way people contradict you and invalidate your entire point of view..

    Thanks for writing that post.


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