mindless number crunching

I’m a nerd.  in so many areas of life and interests, I’m a nerd.

foremost, I’m an English/literature dork.  I’m a librarian, for fuck’s sake, lol.  but I’m also a number nerd.  (which is great, because Brian is primarily a number guy and secondarily a language guy.)  I loved algebra and physics, I liked geometry, I enjoyed the bits of trig I learned, etc.  (except stat.  fuck statistics.)  the only portion of chemistry that I didn’t detest was stoichiometry (and even then, it was only the formula portions I could handle.)  so yeah, love numbers.

and I have OCD.  it manifests in many ways.  but I’ve learned to control it via tricks like tracking petty things, having certain things organized in a simple way, counting smaller collections, number crunching random shit, etc.

tangentially, my court date is tomorrow.  (hopefully, I’ll write up a separate entry with more details on that shortly.)  so I’m all of fucks stressed out and anxious.  I’m fighting off tears every thirty minutes, and I’m literally hiding from people so as to not have to interact with anyone.

soooooooo.  to assist in calming my nerves, I decided to do some number crunching on my lunch break.  DISCLAIMER:  I know this is not how weight and calories work.  I know this is not a reliable way to make a plan or something steady to base predictions of off.  rather, this is just me chilling the fuck out.  about a year ago, I made being approximately 125 lbs by this birthday my goal.  however, I got stuck in losing weight for a while around 170 lbs.  I have since lost ten of those pounds.  but I’ve been stuck yet again for several months around 160 lbs.  so, in an attempt to not stab anyone (myself included), I started calculating things.  and below is some of the random, unorganized results I acquired.  (NOTE:  since I’m just playing with numbers and not actually relying on them, much of the below is significantly rounded off.)  like seriously, this is just me de-stressing, not actually making a weight-loss or meal plan.



James’s Numbers

March to August = 5 months
Week 12 (Mar 16) to Week 35 (Aug 24) = 23 weeks
March 17 to August 24 = 160 days

Pounds to Lose
5 months to lose 35 lbs = 7 lbs per month
23 weeks to lose 35 lbs = just over 1.5 lbs per week
160 days to lose 35 lbs = 1 lb every 4-5 days
[EDIT: I totally fucked up my original numbers.  you can see them in Sean’s comment wherein he corrected me, lol.  (I knew those numbers didn’t look right, lol….  —hey, I said I liked math; I never said I was necessarily any good at it.  😛 )]



Disabled World

Your goal is to lose 35 lb / 15.9 kg in 160 days.

To maintain your current weight, your safe daily calories intake is around 1826 calories.

To reach your goal, you will need to reduce your daily calories intake with 770 calories, which means to consume 1056 calories daily.
Warning: your goal requires you to lose 770 calories per day, which means you are supposed to intake only 1056 calories daily. This implies a high risk for your health and is not recommended!



Calorie Calculator  (to lose 35 lbs in a generic 5-month period)

Week Daily Intake Weight
Starting 1788 159.65
01 971 158.02
02 963 156.39
03 955 154.76
04 946 153.13
05 938 151.5
06 930 149.87
07 921 148.24
08 913 146.61
09 905 144.98
10 897 143.35
11 888 141.72
12 880 140.09
13 972 138.46
14 863 136.83
15 855 135.2
16 847 133.57
17 839 131.94
18 830 130.31
19 822 128.68
20 814 127.05
21 805



4 thoughts on “mindless number crunching

  1. Your numbers are a bit off with regards to lbs to lose per unit of time.

    5 months to lose 35 lbs is 7 lbs per month.
    23 weeks to lose 35 lbs is just over 1.5 lbs a week.
    160 days to lose 35 lbs is 1 lb every 4-5 days.

    15 lbs per month for 5 months would be 75 lbs.
    6 lbs per week for 23 weeks would be 138 lbs.
    4 lbs per day for 160 days would be the weight of 2-5 adults.

    The numbers are interesting though.


    • gah. well, I’m a fucktard. thanks for the corrections. I did the calculations a few time, and the numbers themselves were working out. but it’s like in a math problem when a family has 2.5 kids. wut?


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