~REBLOGGED~ Summer in Sobriety, Down by the Pool

Ann G. Kroger is great about expressing in various stories and posts what it’s like struggling with alcoholism. this one in particular spoke to me.

I wrote the other day about not seeing how people could be not suicidal.  well similarly, I can’t imagine someone that doesn’t drink regularly except rigid non-drinkers (part of that is my upbringing).  I’ve never imagined a middle-ground.

anyway, this is a neat little read.  and it’s valid for me coming up, as I’ll be hosting summer shenanigans again m’self soon too.

Ann Kroger

Hobo WeddingMy friend was telling me about a woman she had recently met. This woman was newly sober, just a couple weeks in. She was concerned that summer was around the block. Her husband and her were renowned for their pool parties, and she was worried that if they did not serve alcohol, no one would come. Two weeks sober and she’s are worried about pool parties? I would have laughed if I hadn’t known she was dead serious.

When I first got sober, I had my own obsession: my wedding day. As I remember, early on I met a girl who had met a boy on AA campus and had gotten married. She was telling me about their relationship and life, but I didn’t get further than… “Wedding? Hold up, you had a sober wedding? No one drank? No endless champagne toasts? No open bar? A dead sober wedding?” I…

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