Blogging from A to Z (a2z)

in an attempt to write more, here’s my newest writing/journalling challenge: blogging from A to Z.  basically, everyday in April minus Sundays (though I may cheat just do generic weekend posts, since Saturdays are usually my my chaotic days), your write an entry based on a letter of the alphabet.

I’m going to try my damnedest to keep up with this one.  a few bloggers whom I follow are doing it too, so that should help.  moreover, on a personal matter, I’m starting my Routine next week, wherein I’ll be ensuring I workout, eat, write, go to bed, take my meds, et cetera, at a semi-regular time each day.

so yeah, here we go.


April 2015's

James’s April 2015 “Blogging A to Z” Challenge Quick-links

Introduction & Explanation

1st, Wednesday:  Adrenaline
2nd, Thursday:  Bicycling
3rd, Friday:  Cars
weekend, 4th/5th:  Dord

6th, Monday:  ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα
7th, Tuesday:  Ffff
8th, Wednesday:  Giving up
9th, Thursday:  Hopelessness
10th, Friday:  Identity
11th/12th, weekend: Juggling yourselves

13th, Monday:  Kleptomaniac
14th, Tuesday:  Lacerations
15th, Wednesday:  M
16th, Thursday:  N
17th, Friday:  O
18th/19th, weekend: P

20th, Monday:  Q
21st, Tuesday:  R
22nd, Wednesday:  S
23rd, Thursday:  T
24th, Friday:  U
25th/26th, weekend:  V

27th, Monday:  W
28th, Tuesday:  X
29th, Wednesday:  Y
30th, Thursday:  Z


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