a2z: Bicycling

coming in rather late on these next few. but as you all know probably know by now, I don’t keep to patterns and schedules well on the weekend. sorry about that. however, I’m great at least-minute stuff. so here we go!!



April 2015’s Blogging A to Z:


I fucking LOVE my bicycle.  no matter which one at any time, I loved it.  it was my freedom.  driving my car was great, but the frame got in the way.  the only thing better than my bike was my other bike, my motorcycle.  but due to reasons regarding the person from whom I was purchasing it, that fell through and I was left with just my non-motorised two-wheeler.

but I love it.  I love everyone I’ve ever had.  and damn, because of how much I ride, I’ve gone through many a bike over the years.  or they get stolen.  that happens a lot too.

right now, my currents beastie is an Ozone 500 Fragment mountain bike — although my tires are 27″, not 29″, because I’m not that fucking tall, lol.  I mean, I very actively like taller bikes; but 29″ is a little too much for me, heh.  so I downgraded to the 27″.  moreover, it was a little scuffed up when we purchased it, so we got a 20$ or so discount.

it’s 21 speeds and the frame is 606 alloy.  I wish I could remember the exact weight; but know this, at least: it’s not fucking much.  like seriously, this is the lightest heavy-looking bike I’ve encountered.  moreover, it’s the lightest bike of its size I’ve ever encountered.  initially, I was worried that meant a lack of stability and endurance of the the frame.  but it’s put up with me so far!!

I got it as a very early Christmas present in October from my dad when my previous bike (an old had-not-been-used-in-over-three-years hand-me-down bike) got stolen.  Dad decided it was time again for me to own a new one.

and I love it.

I tend to make my bike look like a fucking Christmas tree, on account of the fact no one around here fucking sees bikers or pedestrians.  so I have a front light, two back lights, and a light on at least one spoke of each wheel (on of which can even be programed to spell out words and such).  then, I also have my reflector jacket, my reflector helmet, and some lights I wear on my arms and legs.

the last time I got attacked by a car while on my bike was this past summer at night.  I’m taking extra precautions to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

so, especially while I have neither a car nor a license (ooh, I forgot to tell you about my two most recent car-falling-apart stories!), my bike will be my way to get around.

and I fucking love it.




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