massive update

wow. it’s been a while since I went this long without an update. so let’s review everything that’s happened in the last month.

Brian’s Work

so as I may have mentioned, Brian decided to be ABD (All But Dissertation).  so he’s no longer with UL.  he has two summer classes lined up here with SLCC as an adjunct math instructor, as well as two more for the fall.

HOWEVER, he has a job interview on June 4th in Minnetonka, Minnesota for an awesome job with King Show Games, a company that makes gambling games.  here’s the basic process of what he’d be doing: 1] the programmers code a game. 2] Brian checks the probability of a player winning and how much she should make in each instance; he sends the game back to the programmers. 3] the programmers add in the monetary outputs. 4] Brian tests the game to ensure it’s accurate in its probability and mathy-shit.  so he gets to do probability and play video games; he’s very excited and really wants this job, obviously.  also, he said the money would be really good.  😀



at my work, meanwhile, we have a new website, and I’m one of the few people who helps manage it.  for the most part, I just deal with the library’s section.  but every so often, others ask me to assist them with their department’s page, because I’m apparently more tech savvy.  actually, during the training, I was screwing around creating things that I would need later anyway while the guy was talking, and he commented on it.  not, like, in a negative way; but I could tell there was slight annoyance mixed with his being impressed that I was already so proficient with it, lol.

secondly, I’m an assistant on creating the new College & Career Success program.  this is how I explained it to a friend in a recent email: “I work at a community college, which means most of our students are much older and don’t remember how to be a student, or they are complete morons who couldn’t get into a four-year and also don’t know how to be a student. (granted, many are here because our classes are cheaper than a four-year — but that’s the minority.) anyway, we’re starting a College & Career Success class wherein students learn how to be good students and employees — how to research, how to use technology, getting familiar with our campus, etc. it’s going to be a required course for all students in their first semester. I’m part of the team that’s designed the tools and resources for the class. 🙂 that means I created a map of each floor of each building on our campus with labels and landmarks, I created lots of “how to’s” regarding using their student accounts in scheduling, email, online classes, etc., and other things of that nature.”

then there’s the normal stuff — ILL, serials, circulation, computer assistance, whatever.  but yeah, I may get kept anyway despite the DUI since I’m now actually kinda important, lol.



right.  that mess.  I’m not going to go into detail, because that’s not terribly much your business.  but I have a case I can use to defend myself based off two different factors.  as such, we may be going to trial.  my next court date isn’t until July 22nd or so.  my lawyers are confident that my punishments will be decreased a lot, so that’s good.  I, meanwhile, will continue to expect the worse.



so, let’s look at a timeline here: Brian has a job interview June 4th, and we have no clue what start date they may want from his; our apartment lease runs out at the end of July; July 22nd is my court date.  what happens if Brian has to move up there for work before I can leave the state?  I can’t afford the apartment by myself.  I actually cover less than half, as is.  :/  so I guess I move back home?

now, if I do that, I have two options:  1] move into Baby Brother’s old bedroom.  I could handle that temporarily, but not for a long time.  or 2] move back into the old 35+ year old, rickety trailer.  that would really suck, but I’d have more space.  in either of these situations, rent would be incredibly low — like just one or two hundred dollars, maybe.

a third option is live with Bronson.  he’s old room is open because he’s got a three bedroom P.O.S. house with a friend for SUPER cheap total ($900, I think).  so right now, Bro is paying $450 or so.  divided by three people, we’d be paying $300, excluding electricity and such.  but, I don’t think I contribute even that much with Brian.  so I don’t know.  (also, I haven’t even talked to Bro about it, lol.)

so yeah.  I have no clue what’s going to happen…..


Crazy Meds

but at least i’ll be medicated in the meantime.  last Wednesday, I had an appointment with a new psychiatrist.  kept me on the 500 mg of valproic acid twice a day for mood swings.  but she added 100 mg of Zoloft for the depression.  she also write me a ‘script for ten Xanax for my panic attacks.  so hopefully I won’t have any purposeful cuts or bruises on my body for a while.  ::crosses fingers::

I also have a therapy appointment next week with a guy in the same office.  we’ll see how that goes.  I haven’t done therapy in while, because I already know most everything they’re going to say.  but, maybe I just need to vent.  who knows?  Brian said that sometimes we need to actually, literally hear things we already know anyway, just as a reminder of the truth.  so maybe that will help.  I dunno.  ::shrugs::



funnily enough, I had already met my $2000 annual deductible last week.  so I’ll start going back to the chiropractor every week.  and I already replaced a lot of the pieces for my C-PAP.  lol.  take advantage of that shit, James!!



he’s noticed the tension in the apartment.  he started acting up real bad, jumping on counters and shit.  and then the fleas got bad, and his hairballs got worse.  so he was miserable for a month or two.  but we’re sorting it out, now.  Brian and I are being more diligent in our giving him his hairballs and flea meds (I’ll try to remember to upload a video when I get home), and we even had hairball-preventative food and treats now.  so he’s doing better.  he’s behaving more and hacking less.  I mean, he’s still barfing; but less often.


A to Z Challenge

will complete it, lol!  I’ve got all my ideas for the rest of the letters still saved.  I just need to write the shit up.  XD  typo to POWER TYPE.

your updates

well, I guess that’s it.  I’ll try to get back into the habits of regular updates.  I also need to catch up on a few of your posts.  though honestly, I read most of them, even if I didn’t comment.  I get it emailed to me each time my WordPress, DreamWidth, or LiveJournal friends update.  and I’ve been good about checking my email, at least.  so I’ve been reading, just not commenting.

anyway, later gators.


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