review & update

okay, so where did we leave off last time?


Brian’s Work

the Minnesota interview went okay.  he believes that is was sufficient, but he really wishes it went better.  we still haven’t heard back from them.  I’m going to encourage him to reach out to them on Monday if they don’t contact him today.

he had another interview this week, though.  in South Carolina for a teaching position.  he really doesn’t ever want to teach again.  but if that’s the only jobs he can find, then he understands he may have to settle.  this interview, however, went much better, he said.  so we’ll see.

actually, that same college has an English teaching position open, so he advised me to look into it.  I, too, never want to teach again.  yet, we need money.  ::shrugs::


My Work

the website is looking great!  I’m getting awesome compliments from my library coworkers and even some in other departments about what a great job I’m doing.  at this point, it’s just a little bit of tedious work left.  then, when the new semester begins in the Fall, I’ll have a few things to tweak in preparation.  but that’s a major project out of the way.

my boss’s supervisor wants to meet with each of us individually about three goals for the next fiscal year.  so rather than just having a short little list, I’m actually writing it all out in full proposal style.  hopefully, that will look better and win me some points, lol.



no news on this front.  court date isn’t until July 22nd or so.

however, I need to do research for the lawyer.  it’s been a while since I’ve been in contact with him.  maybe I’ll work on that today sometime.


My Crazies

I saw my psychiatrist for the second time this past Monday, at which point she up’d my Zoloft to 200mg a day, which is fine.

then I saw my therapist for the second time on Wednesday, wherein we discussed my anger issues, my impatience with objects, and my kleptomania.  we also talked about Brian, moving, and grad school.  I won’t see him for another three though, as he’s going out of town for a while.

it’s going well enough.  I think these two will be enough to get me by until this court shit is over with and I know where my life is going.



last Friday, my mum took her grandson to the vet for his annual checkup, for a dental cleaning, and to see what’s wrong with his ears.  well, he had worms in his poop again (comes from infected fleas), minor flea problem (again, he’s an indoor/outdoor cat, so it’s gonna happen), and compacted wax in the ears.  he gave us meds for the worms, cleaned his teeth, cleaned his ears, gave him all his shots, bathed and brushed him, and even clipped his nails for us.  our vet is great.



I started creating again.  Brian is running a D&D campaign on Wednesday again.  rather than purchasing them, I made the cards for Father’s Day and for Tiger’s birthday for this weekend.  hell, I started playing video games again, even.  and I’m finally getting around to reading your updates and writing my own.  this medication is helping, I think.

I’m going to purchase a PC game wherein you write a story based off of what you discover in the game.  I’m really excited.  it should help get my juices flowing.

and man, do I need to update my DreamWidth/LiveJournal themes to match my WordPress.  I really like the road theme; I just never updated the DW/LJ yet.  and the TMNT colours are giving me a headache, lol.


Your Updates

okay, time to go finish catching up on your updates.

when I’m done, I hope to make another post about my newest fandoms, therein seeing if any of you are into them.  😀


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