wow.  it’s been almost a month since I made a post.  sorry about that, y’all.  especially to the new friends I made and followers I acquired a few weeks ago in a friending meme.  I’m usually better about updating.

and reading.  dudes, I have over 200 entries to read from y’all, between WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger, and DreamWidth.  y’all are a verbose bunch, lol.

anyway, let me do a little meme for the new folk to get to know me.  then I’ll do a post about what all’s been going on in life….

these are from here.

 James the Greatest.
Age:  29 in August 2015.
Birthdate:  August 24, 1986.
Hometown:  Hammond, Louisiana, USA.
Current Location:  Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.
Eye Color:  brown.
Hair Color:  naturally auburn; but currently black & purple.
Height:  5’6”.
Weight:  varies between 163 – 170 lbs, because I’m a fatass.
Tattoos:   none yet.  but I plan on getting at least one, to show WHO I AM.
Piercings:  two in my left ear.  I had two in my right, but they both pulled out after heavy earrings.  so I actually want to get my cartilage pierced on the right side.
Relationship Status:  will have been with my silly boyfriend for five years as of end of July 2015.  WTF?!?!  that’s a long time!!!
Heritage:   British shit?  I know an old relative killed Lincoln.  oh, and injuns.  lots of injun blood.
Zodiac Sign:  Leo-Virgo Cusp — which is annoying as SHIT.
Right/Left-Handed:  ambidextrous, with leniency towards right.

Bedtime:  supposed to be 9pm because of my meds.  but normally closer to 10pm or 11pm. #ImABadAdult
Best Physical Feature:   dawg, my ass. EVERYONE LOVES MY ASS.
Parents Together:  somehow, yes.  and thankfully so, for me.  it would kill me otherwise….
Most Missed Memory:  wait, like, a memory that I forgot??  I don’t understand the question….
First Thought When Waking Up:  “well shit, another day …. fuck you, gods….”
Longest Relationship:  Brian and I are about to have five years in July 2015 — WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!
Biggest Fear:  myself.

Shower Daily:  I rinse off daily.  I wash my hair once to twice a week; that’s it.  but body rinse off, almost daily.
Have Kids:  my cat Fat Fluffy Fuck — Zero, the 19lb cat.
Want to Get Married:  NOPE!!  but I’ll deal if that’s what my Brian wants.  :/
Want to Go to College:  got a 3.5 GPA in undergrad.  will return to graduate school soon enough, hopefully….
Want Kids:  ALL OF THE FUCK NO’S!!!
Play an Instrument:  tried guitar several times.  never succeed.  I’ve since given up on music.
Get Along with Your Parents:  typically.
Swear:  I was a manager of an offshore heliport — HELL YEAH, I FUCKING CURSE LIKE A BITCH!!
Smoke:  only socially; and very rarely, even so.
Believe in Yourself:  never.
Think You’re Attractive:  rarely.
Hate Anyone:  at least one person at all points of my life.  no proud about it; but it’s true.
Drink:  way too much.
Like Thunderstorms:  ALWAYS.

Color:  black.
Number:  seven.
Candy:  Butterfingers??  (am not a candy kid.)
Song:  that’s really hard to choose.  it normally varies on my mood.
Band:  also varies.  but favourites include Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, and Project 86.
Place:  I had this small place on my college campus that so few knew about.  and I could hide there during panic attacks.  it’s too far now.  but I still love it.
TV Show:  currently, ArrowiZombie, and The 100.  but Xena has been a favourite forever.  I’m also a big wrestling fan, so I watch WWE and NXT.
Body Part of Opposite Sex:  hips, actually.
Fast Food Restaurant:  Taco Bell.
Movie:  overall, Clue and the first TMNT.  I recently saw Tank Girl and Snowpiercer and loved them.  Suckerpunch is up there too.  and Snatch.
Alcoholic Drink:  anything Jack Daniels or Firefly.
Non-Alcoholic Drink:  unsweet tea.
Holiday:  it used to be Mardi Gras.  but now it’s Halloween.
Type of Movie:  I love horror and adventure.
Season:  southern Louisiana doesn’t have seasons.  no, seriously, look at our weather records.  :/
Perfume/Cologne:  um, eucalyptus or lavender shit; or Axe.  I don’t really wear any of that.  ::shrugs::
Sport:  (American) football and Muggle Quidditch.

Been in Love:  three times, including currently.
Been to a Foreign Country:  um, not legally…  will have to tell you about that one day….  :/
Broken a Bone:  several damn times.
Gotten a Speeding Ticket:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  no seriously, HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA.  I have gotten over ten tickets in three different parishes.  the police HATE me…..
Stolen Anything:  I’ve got kleptomatic tendencies.  I’ve never stolen from a store; but I collect writing utensils from work, and I acquire street signs and traffic cones from the public.
Been to a Concert:  several times.
Been in a Mosh Pit:  yes.  even a Christian one, lol!!
Been Beaten Up:  does it count if your boyfriend did it??  because if so, yes.
Smoked Pot:  three times, and hated it everytime.  I get super hyper, and everyone is mellow; so I want to stab all of them, lol.
Beaten Someone Up:  again, do ex-boyfriends count?  he didn’t go to work the next day….  :/
Been Drunk:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. wait, that was a serious question??
Been Dumped Lately:  nope.
Been Called a Tease:  always.
Kissed the Opposite Sex:  yup.  I”m pansexual.
Been on a Roller Coaster:  I’m an adrenaline junkie, so yes.
Been in an Ocean:  I live in southern Louisiana; so yes.
Done Drugs:  probably not, since we already covered weed, and that’s all I’ve done…

Coffee or Cappuccino:  coffee, black.
Pepsi or Coke:  Barq’s Root Bear.
Dog or Cat:  MEOW!!! :3
Doughnuts or Bagels:  bagels have less sugar.
Day or Night:  I’m a night owl.
Ice Tea or Hot Tea:  non-alcoholic, iced; alcoholic (Japanese), hot.
Rain or Snow:  I’ve seen sneaux a few times…..  but I prefer the rain.
Silver or Gold:  silver, always.
Sweet or Sour:  salty.
Pens or Pencils:  depends on the purpose, honestly.  but usually pen.
Chocolate or Vanilla:  chocolate makes me gag.  ugh.
Shower or Bath:  what’s my time constraints and bathing purposes??
Friends or Family:  is “felines” an option???
Love or Money:  always Love, even when I didn’t actually believe in it….
Hug or Kiss:  kisses are gross.

Eye Color:  I’ll accept anything, but green makes me jizz.
Long or Short Hair:  honestly, depends on person and archetype.
Style:  I like heavy archetypes — super skater, super goth, super nerd, etc.  nothing middle of the range, etc.
Looks or Personality:  I won’t date an idiot.  number one is ALWAYS the Smarts…..  I have dated 400lbs guys before I’ve dated average-intelligence guys.  #Elitist
Hot or Cute:  intelligent.

Vehicle You Drive:  I had a green 2008 Honda Civic LX.  but he’s recently died; so now it’s a bike.
Number of Regrets:  literally countless.
What Country Do You Want to Visit:  Aussie.  I wanna get killed by one of their random psycho animals.
How Many Siblings Do You Have:  Baby Brother/Tiger/Psycho/Bronson is three years younger than me.  then there’s Pooky, my stuffed bear older brother.
How Do You Want to Die:  soon.
Cell Phone Carrier:  ugh, AT&T.  family plan, man.  what can I do??  Dad pays for it….
Random Facts:  I’m a tomboy — I love wrestling, MMA, etc., but I still wear makeup and enjoy things like Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the New Black.


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