overdue update

waiting on bus. updating from phone. so pardon typos and abbreviated speech.

no job yet. many staffing companies looking, plus me looking. few interviews, but all shitty sales jobs. have good potential lined up tho, once I take online assessments.

washing machine died. Mr Bill the caretaker adores me, so brought me brand new machine from a new appt instead of giving me old like was supposed to. very sweet.

Tiger has new woman. she’s even taking him to church. he seems happy enough w her. she Pentecostal Mexican, so we jokingly tease him.

only ppl really talk to up here are apartment workers and guy who owns close-by liquor store  otherwise, rather isolated. hope getting job will help.

NaNoWriMo soon. no idea what to do.

also, is week three of NerdFitness Challenge. I have been failing hardcore….

I’m near 180lbs and 38% bf. UGH. something *has* to change. I know am failing so much bc no real daily schedule. gotta work on that.

meds and Crazies okay-ish. worse when I drink, of course. need to stop. but addicted. and rehab doesn’t work for me.

out of restless leg meds. almost out of Xanex. plan to sign up to “Pill Pack” — look it up.

Minnesota is neat. nice ppl, overall. talk funny tho. and ground goes up-and-down. and is already cold here.

Bri and I doing good. his birthday today. I have no gift. tho I know what I will eventually get him.

okay. is all for now. will try for better update soon.

leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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