D-Day (again?!)

as many of you know, I got charged w an OWI in November 2014. meds I was taking at the time caused a blackout, and apparently semi-unconscious me (would that just be “non-conscious”?) thought it would be a good idea to hop into my car and drink a lot while driving. since then, many things happened; I carried out some community service; I graduated from a 10-week rehab program; I was going to AA meetings one-to-three times a week; I had both successes and failures with sobriety — but all of this was voluntary, because I was never convicted.  after standing before the judge four times, nothing has been settled.

but maybe things will change tomorrow — because I have yet another court date.

from what I understand (which, at this point, is not very much), my lawyer believes if we plead guilty, the judge is willing to throw out my BAC record and look towards lessening the punishments. that may mean less jail time; it may mean none — we’re not sure. and, because just my luck, I actually am having to go before the most strict judge in the district. whee.

anyhoo. ideally, by pleading guilty, we may be able to push my sentencing dates and therein serving times back a few months. granted, that means finding $700 for another flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Lafayette, Louisiana, to come back. but I dunno; ideally by that point, I’ll actually have a fucking income.

so yeah. my court time is a 1300h (1:00 pm) tomorrow. so I guess we’ll see how that goes….


leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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