court outcome

well, I’m not in jail. so that’s good.

but I have to come back in January. so that sucks.

basically, we’re making a deal w the prosecutor  to plead guilty and have the judge ignore my ridiculously high BAC. meanwhile, I start tracking my AA meetings again, start logging some community service hours, and take a defensive driving course. then when I come back in Jan either: A] I just have to finish up whatever is left from the aforementioned; or B] I have A and have probably one to two nights in jail.

honestly, IT REALLY COULD HAVE TURNED OUT WORSE. the public defender said best case scenario, I’d have minimum seven days in jail.  but fuck that; I’m cool w how it turned it out.


6 thoughts on “court outcome

  1. After Meg’s DUI she had much the same thing harken to her. She had a certain time period to complete x amount of community service hours or she would sirens time in jail. She didn’t sirens any time in jail although it did take over 2 years and an sr-22 top get her suspended drivers license reissued. You have a long rough road ahead of you but the worst of it is already behind you, I’m glad everything turned out okay.


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