a catch-up

so I finally caught up with all of your posts and blogs and stories and stuff.  even got a lot of my multiple email accounts cleaned up.  yay!

now then, onto the update….



last Tuesday, I finally had a therapy appointment. the lady doesn’t speak very clear English, so that’s difficult. I have a very precise way of speaking, I’m sure most of you’ve noticed. it’s hard for me to convey complex or dynamic ideas with her due to the language barrier. so discussions that should be short and quick are taking much longer, which means we cover less topics. so, I don’t know….

moreover, the bike ride there is an hour-plus  trip of hell. bus rides would be 2hrs. it would probably take Brian only 20m or so to drive me.  oh!, also, I’m apparently allergic to something that’s on that side of town. because since getting close until the next day: watery eyes, sneezing constantly, headaches, etc. I have never had to endure allergies before; I didn’t know what the fuck was happening at first!

additionally, she’s gonna be gone for over a month after this week.  wtf? so no clue of I’m gonna keep going. ::shrugs::  I mean, I have an appointment with her tomorrow (Saturday).  so we’ll see what she recommends from there.



first Thanksgiving away from my family. and honestly, totally okay with that.

but it was Brian’s and my first one alone together. he made lots of good food, I made a salad, and I drank more than I wish I had. but food makes me nervous. and I usually can’t survive large meals like that if I’m sober. so yeah.


Dry December

speaking of drinking, I’m challenging myself to a Dry December. only exceptions may be Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. those are legit holidays wherein it is absolutely okay to have a few drinks. but only a few, I know.

so yeah. I’ve already fucked it up a little.  had a little vodka this week.  but I had much less than I would have otherwise.  go me!



which is good, honestly.  because I think I have a UTI.  not cool at all.  taking some OTC meds, as well as some antibiotics I had leftover from my last UTI.  if I still have symptoms on Monday, I’m fucking going to a doctor.  UTI’s are the main reasons I end up over-night in hospitals.  blah.

meanwhile, I’ve started tracking my meals again. gotta get back into shape. I’m reaching 180 lbs — not cool.

last week, I started working out again. did so-so with keeping to it this week.  once the UTI set in, working out was not really an option.  instead, but I’m just trying to keep active at home.



things have been going well with him. we our tiffs; but as always, we get over them almost immediately. I am kinda worried he’s not telling me how much it bothers him that I still don’t have a job yet. and because of this, we don’t have enough money for him to go back to Louisiana for the holidays during his time off.



I am trying though; I really am. but the jobs that pay enough are only sales jobs, and the jobs that aren’t sales don’t pay enough. UGH. I’m going to have to take the next job offered to me though, no matter what it is. because we need the fucking money, and I need my fucking medication.

I just got out of an interview with Brian’s work, actually. it was stage 3 of 4. so we’ll see how it goes. I won’t hear back from them until Dec 11, the guy said. I can’t wait that long. so I’ll get what I can in the meantime. then if his work offers, I’M THERE!! because I really want this job!

it’s a Game Support Technician job. how badass is that? I’d find bugs in video slot machine games and catalogue them; I’d be hardware and software support for most everyone in the office; and I’d also do all kinds of other odds’n’ends duties.

HOWEVER, I am not holding my breath. I think I did poorly on the second interview, and I kind I did barely acceptable on this one.  and I doubt my getting Brian in trouble at work will help anything.  :/  (when he let me stay in his office between the luncheon and the interview — his supervisor apparently later scolded him against it.)

moreover, this position also requires travel; and as many of you know, I am restricted to the bus and my bike until at least March. also, I was honest that I’ll have to brush up on the details of my hardware knowledge. he didn’t seemed pleased about that. also, I was just my usual awkward self. I know I would learn quickly and do really great if I got it; but I think they’re going to find someone who is already “good enough” and who just looks shinier. so there’s that.



I didn’t do NaNoWriMo this year at all. too depressed. hadn’t even been keeping up with my fantasy football team.

I joined in this round of Stellar-Realms. (it’s an online kinda-text RPG.) hopefully I’ll get more involved this time around.

meanwhile, I’m trying to get a play-by-post story going with a few select people. but I need to do a lot more work before I can really present the premise; and then it’ll take them forever to make characters. so I’m honestly going to shoot for sometime in January to get it going.

and hopefully, one of these fucking projects will ignite me back into working on Den Hélder (my much-too-neglected novel).


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