a second blog??

as many of yoy know, I moved from the deep Cajun country of Louisiana up to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in August 2015. however, prior to my move, several friends suggested I should start chronicling my adventures up here in yankee territory.  well, I can’t even keep up with this blog, much less atart a whole ‘nother one. still, I pondered on the thought for a while.

and I continue to. should I create a whole new blog for my attempts to understand those about I-10? or should I metely use tags and/or categories in this current blog? by doing the latter, I do risk having people read some of the more darker things about myself whom I may may otherwise rather not. then again, maybe it’s time I start being honest with everyone about my status and ecforts — especially with myself…..


6 thoughts on “a second blog??

  1. I like the idea of being open with everyone about your status. I would ever push anyone that way, but it is my personal preference. I take that stance especially as I think it is important that we destigmatize, especially amongst ourselves.

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    • that’s a good point. I encourage positive publicity of the topic for others, yet I hide my own stories? hypocrisy; not cool, James, not cool.


      • Don’t judge yourself for it. No stigma, remember? Just do something about it if you feel both called to, and comfortable doing so. Keep in mind, I’ve been through this too. I started very open. I’m still open face to face. But, after my public expression of what I was going through was used against me, I became afraid of everyone and everything, and actually closed the social media accounts where I used to post the details of what I was going through. It is important to balance what is important to you with the potential damage it could cause, and your comfort level in what you post.

        I love you, James. Do what you feel called to do. Don’t do anything else.

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  2. I’m with milythael, here — it’s one of the things I’ve stumbled into doing on my own blog (through a similar route: I am also not really qualified to operate more than one blog at any one time!), and after doing it for a while, it seems like people actually do appreciate the harder entries. And, also as milythael notes, the destigmatization angle is immensely important (but, um, no pressure?) and powerful.

    I may have lost a few readers who I didn’t know were reading my blog (because they never commented), but I’ve gained a good many who do comment, and that also makes me feel less alone in the hardest times.

    I, for one, would also love to read about your cross-cultural adventures … I’m a Damned Yankee from Connecticut currently living in Louisville, KY, and while it’s hardly the Deep South down here, I have definitely experienced my share of culture shock. It would be really interesting to read about someone making the opposite journey!

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