Zero, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Louisiana anymore.

James:  “I want culture shock.”
Brian:  “There’s a job in Minnesota I can apply to.”
James:  “Where’s Minnesota?”
Brian:  “It’s Canada-lite.”
James:  “I can dig it.”

er, at least the conversation when something like that.


Brian, my boyfriend and the human-love of my life, finished his graduate degree back home in southern Louisiana.  I had lived no more than an hour away from the Lafayette, LA, area for my entire life (29 years).  I wanted something DIFFERENT.  everyone talks about how great Louisiana is, how wonderful the south is, et cetera, et cetera.  well, I had no clue about what the hell they were talking, because I never knew anything different.  so I was honest when he asked where he should look for a job: anywhere that was different from here.



he applied to a few different places all over the country.  a company in Minnesota picked him up.  he works as a mathematician for a company that creates video casino games.  I’m not at liberty to say much more than that.  but yeah, it’s kind of a cool job to admit having.  🙂

we had les than two weeks to pack everything up and relocate our entire lives over 2000 miles away (thanks to the COUNTLESS people who helped!).  my last day of work at my favourite job ever (I was a librarian at South Louisiana Community College) was July 29th or so. it was two-day drive.  my father (a professional freight driver) and my mother (pseudo-professional packer-and-mover, lol) join the ride with Brian, my 20-pound cat Zero, and me, along with a full-sized truck and a large cargo van full of so much shit.

August 1, 2015 — we officially lived in Minnesota.


What the Fuck Is This Place??

it’s been five months that we’ve been here.  and Brian did a good job — there had been some fucking culture shock up in this bitch!

between the strange accents, the ground changing vertically, the crappy food (sorry, MN — I’m from Cajun country!), the bizarre words they use for things, the weather dropping balls of ice from the sky, the apartments thinking they are hotels, the existence of actual sidewalks, the bike-friendly atmosphere, and wide variety of seasonal sports — well, I’m in a whole new land!  and I love it.

using the category “Minnesota Maddness“, I plan to start reporting my adventures and discoveries — both good and bad –, in my blog.

for those who are not interested in reading about my other struggles and interests, feel free to follow only the aforementioned category.  seriously, I won’t be offended.  I don’t read half the shit I write, so why would I expect anyone else to?  😉

so yeah.  may the temperatures ever be in my favour.


6 thoughts on “Zero, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Louisiana anymore.

  1. This’ been a crazy year weather-wise for Minnesota, not usually so much ice, but isn’t the snow we’re finally getting beautiful?? Sorry, I just love MN, lived here half my life , but always been in the midwest. I know it was a change for me just moving from IA to MN and later on MN to MO. It is amazing how different every place is.

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    • everyone is telling me it usually is colder sooner and more so than it has been. Brian and I lost our minda today about how much snow there was outside. I mean, it covered our shoes!!

      and yes, it’s incredibly beautiful outside! I didn’t know that it could actually be this pretty in real life. I always thought it was just movie effects.

      how were IA and MO? I’ve never been to either.


      • Yeah, usually cold by Halloween. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re likely to hear stories about the blizzard that happened on Halloween in 1993 :-b. In Missouri, there was very little snow, but when it did snow it’d be ice the very next day. Missouri had a lot of ice storms. In Iowa it didn’t get as cold, gets about as much snow as Minnesota does, but since it’s warmer, more of it melts throughout the winter so it doesn’t stay like it does in Minnesota and accumulate.

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        • this is just all so crazy to me.

          and yeah, many spoke of Halloween 1993. were you here for it? I have yet to do my research on it; I keep forgetting.


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