our first sneaux man


a sweet gent offered to take a photo of us.


there is apparently inches of snow outside. I personally think it’s ten feet of snow, but the weather channel disagrees.

Brian and I made our first snowman. he’s kinda dilapidated. so I suggested we call it a ‘sneaux man’, and Brian loved the idea. when we realised we could only manage two levels/balls/layers (we don’t know what they’re called), I suggested a ‘sneaux midget’. but apparently, as Brian informed me, the term ‘midget’ is now derogatory. so I was like, “then can I call it a sneaux dwarf?” though honestly, I think the term ‘dwarf’ should be more offensive than midget, because it makes me envision creatures from Dungeons and Dragons or Lord of the Rings. and honestly, if you’re from either, you’re gonna have to have a large, crazy-man beard.

anyway, Brian said no to that too. so then I suggested it be a halfling. by this point, Brian’s nose was mimicking that of Rudolph’s, so he answered with, “it can be whatever non-offensive thing you want, as long as it gets me inside faster.”  I told him to think of a name and keep working while I went inside to get a shovel.

the apartment lady whose name I’ve forgotten again said that you shouldn’t need a shovel to make a snowman. rather, she figured the snow wasn’t sticky enough. because apparently there are different types of snow. so I asked her when ‘sticky snow season’ was, and she just laughed. apparently sticky snow happens when it’s warmer.  “duh!”, I realized, “because it starts to slightly melt, and therein becomes more adhesive. makes sense.” her quizzical expression suggested it didn’t make sense to her, though.  so I thanked her and told her we’d figure something out. she noted that Brian and I were both adorable and hilarious, then I left.

after a little more work, we manage to finish up acceptably for us. Brian named him Snomber — fat dwarf (‘Bomber’, from LotR) + ‘snow’. it worked for me. we took photos quickly, then hauled ass inside before his face froze and my fingers fell off.

it was great!!


sneaux kisses!!


I'll try to rotate it when I get to a PC.

5 thoughts on “our first sneaux man

  1. The traditional method for the creation of snowlings is to roll up a ball, then roll it around until it is a suitable size. Do this one or two more times, then stack appropriately. Three of these rolled snowballs are probably most traditional, with each subsequent one being slightly smaller than the one below it. One way to measure how much snow you’ve gotten is to see how much of the ground you’ve stripped of snow to make the snowling. When I lived in Illinois, I’ve had everything from, “we made a snow sculpture of a stegosaur about as tall as a child without uncovering any of the ground,” to, “I made this foot and a half tall snowling, and I used every bit of the snow from on top of a car and both the front and side lawn.”

    I’m very much loving all your new experiences, and the fresh eyes you get to use to see them with. ❤

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