WordPress University: Blogging 101

so WordPress, as many of us know, is a pretty badass service. even free accounts really do get a good amount of features and support.

anyway, there’s this thing called the WordPress Blogging University.  and since I’m getting serious about this regular blogging business, I figured I should reach out to additional resources and suggestions that may improve my overall usage and publicizing of this beastie.

as such, I’ve enrolled in the January 2016’s session of “Blogging 101“, using the assigned tag of “blogging101“.  you may see new posts with appropriate categories and tags.  moreover, I hope to be really awesome and list each of the ‘assignments’ with links below (like when I attempted that blogging A to Z in April, or whenever).

so here we go!  hopefully, the following endeavours will prove to benefit me in the blogging community!! 😀




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