blog revamp time?

so the second WordPress Uni assignment is to analyze your blog’s title and tagline.  I like my tagline’s referencing my “misadventures”.  however, the title merely containing my name is rather lame.  so I need to ponder on some better ideas.

I kinda want to play with this southerner-in-the-north thing, highlighting the whole snow and winter shit up here.  maybe get a white, high contrast theme going on; put up some of those sneaux pics I have of Brian and me; maybe some blue text to emphasis the coldness up here.

I want my sidebar to still be present, but I want emphasis on the text in the posts, with the occasional highlights on an image or two.

so here are some ideas I’m working with:

  • The Southern Blue Belle in the North: A Louisiana Lass Relocated to Minnesota
  • …..

yeah, that’s kinda all I got right now.  but hey, I’m taking suggestions!! 😀

WordPress University: Blogging 101

Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

// a piece of my assignments collection for
WordPress’s “Blogging University: Blogging 101
January 2016 course //


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