DUI update.

I’m en route to the Lafayette city jail. tonight and tomorrow night, I’ll be a convict.

I’m sure this mindset isn’t healthy, but I’m kinda excited. moving to MN and not getting a job yet has forced me to accept that I am a fuckup, indeed. no reason to keep pretending otherwise . instead, I should merely strive to improve

however, I can’t help but be entertained by my misadventures. I mean, how many of you have spent time in jail? (also, orange looks good on me, haha!)

but seriously, I’ve such a strong “eh, fuck it” attitude about things lately that I’m helluva a not as stressed or anxious about this shit. I really don’t give much of any fucks anymore. so yeah. we’ll see how it goes.

I’ll try to at least check in on Fri or Sat when I get out. I fly back to MN early Sat morn, and I do paperwork for a part-time job on Mon. so I’ll try to write sometime this weekend.

great way to start the new year, lol.

// mobile post via my screen-cracked Android \\


8 thoughts on “DUI update.

    • I’m hoping to get into a small routine of at least two posts (of content) a week.

      I need to catch up on all of y’all’s blogs. it’s just more difficult to read on my cell.


  1. Your job is not who you are nor is it your value. Get that idea out of your head. It is good to get this behind you. God has a plan for you. My theme song is “You ain’t seen nothing yet” just hold on love

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