Things of Note

Things of Note

  1. I’m not dead.
  2. Also, despite my desires, I’m not dead.
  3. My computer, and all other electronics, hate me.
  4. My computer is dead.
  5. My phone likes me — for some reason that fucking no one knows….
  6. However, my phones does not hold much battery life for too long.
  7. My phone is constantly dying (of battery life, mind you; not like some abusive shit).
  8. I cannot find another way to post.  SEE ALSO:  well, fuck
  9. Maybe I should go to my apartment complex’s computer lab.
  10. And post all of my drama there.
  11. Though, that would allow people in my complex to potentially read it all.
  12. Assuming they can do even minor computer hacking.
  13. Which most people cannot do.
  14. But I really don’t want to risk it….
  15. So yeah, sounds like a bad idea.
  16. Moving on….
  17. INSTEAD:
  18. Let’s just use my phone to make those posts.
  19. Oh right, my phone does not hold battery life.  (see #6)
  20. So maybe I can post on my phone, at home, via the wifi, while it’s plugged in
  21. Wait … fuck — my stupid thumbs are almost as clumsy as I am, so most posts will read as this: “bnngdsaluihtogisrheguids hfusihg diuhfg uisrhgf
  22. Yeah, I couldn’t understand that either….  :/






I really suck at this “writing on a regular schedule” thing.


SEE ALSO:  fuuuuuuuuuck.

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