and all of Y’ALL’S posts….

my phone is dead; it just keeps clocking and trying to boot, until it overheats and turns off. because the SIM is micro, I can no longer revert to an older phone.
my computer crashed when I tried to install KotOR (a legal copy, even) back in Jan or so; it won’t even boot up at all.

I have been accesses the internet very occasionally, as such. and usually it is via a mobile device my friend Robyn gave me. because it is sprint, even jailbreaking it doesn’t help.  however, it does connect to wifi, and very well.
this is how I have been updated here, this last week or so.

but of course, there’s another issue — there is no open wifi at or around work. so I can type up entries, saving them as drafta to be posted later. then later, when I get home and before I start my nightly freak-out or take my sleep my meds, i can shoot thenentry through the web and hope it uploads successfully.

I am in the process of trying to discern the best way to access y’all’s posts now. I still care; I still want to read. it’s just a challenge to do so, technically and literally.

any suggestions, let me know. in the meantime, I will see about batch/mass downloading emailed updates via  an app, and read them as I can.


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