Your Body’s Revolution

ya gotta love when your mind and spirit are just so desimated that your body starts to reflect the destruction too.
except no, you don’t love it. you want to hate it. except you don’t hate it either; because you can’t. you’re so fucking exhausted that even disliking something awful is too difficult to manage.

I threw up Sat morn; went to work anyway. felt like shot Sun; trudged into work. threw up stomach acid (because that’s all that’s left) yester morn; Brian suggested I stay home, so I said “fuck this” and went back to bed.  then this morn, I spit up a little saliva and tiny bit of stomach acid; trudged in again. thank the Powers-That-Be that I have tomorrow off.

it was nice, though, having my co-workes expressing again (I was off last Wed) how much they missed having me around.

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