I’m finally getting around to formally creating my Brand.  that point, meanwhile, is on account of the fact that I finally got a computer.  whee!! 😀

the transition is going to take time, of course.  sorry about that.  while I’m busy switching from “Queen.of.the.Spades@gmail.com” and “jtggodqos”, those handles will slowly fade away.  start looking out for “another.cracked.belle@gmail.com” and variations of “cracked_belle” or “another_cracked_belle”.  (I’m having to learn which services allow periods or underscores, and which have handle characters and length limitations.)

then, in a few years or so (business plan to come), I’ll really start putting this out there more professionally.  but in the meantime, it’s just a slow switch.

of course I’ll post when things are more settled.  and now that I have my own PC, I plan to update this post with my progress too.  as a matter of fact, let’s begin!

this is not an exhaustive list, obviously.  this is just a list of the social networks which I frequent or of which I am an avid fan.


Gmail:  Queen.of.the.Spades@gmail.com another.cracked.belle@gmail.com

Twitterjtggodqos cracked_belle

Instagram:  jtggodqos cracked_belle

GoodReads:  jtggodqos cracked_belle

Pinterest:  jtggodqos cracked_belle

Swarm/FourSquare: jtggodqos cracked_belle

MyFitnessPal:   jtggodqos cracked_belle

FitBit:  jtggodqos cracked.belle

In Progress

Skype:  Queen.of.the.Spades@gmail.com another.cracked.belle@gmail.com

Google+:  Queen.of.the.Spades@gmail.com another.cracked.belle@gmail.com

tumblr: jtggodqos cracked_belle

SnapChat:  jtggodqos cracked.belle [either this one, or the one below — not sure which took]

SnapChat:  jtggodqos cracked_belle [either this one, or the one above — not sure which took]

Not Yet Started

Facebook:  jtggodqos



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