who/what blogs do YOU read?

as my new life starts to settle up here in Minnesota, I want to start directing more of my attention back to my creative writing, my artwork, and my blog.  in order to improve my writing and my artwork, I look to others whose work inspires or impresses me.  I need to do the same for bloggers.  sure, I have my favourites.  but I want to know the preferences of my audience too.  my writings, for example, sometimes have to be slightly tweaked for the sake of the audience.  so too does my blog.

so who do YOU read?  what blogs do YOU follow?  and if you don’t mind, how do you read them?  email blasts, on their website, in a feeder/reader, etc.?

please share with me any info you can.  and just know that in doing so, you’re also helping your fav blogger get some extra traffic by free promotion on here, lol.


y’all may have noticed a big visual overhaul of the blog.  it’s still in the works; it ain’t done.  but it’s coming along.  the colours still clash, and it’s not professional.  that’s something I’ll have to work on in great detail.  in the meantime, this is direction in which it’s headed.
I aim for an update/change of general content too.


2 thoughts on “who/what blogs do YOU read?

  1. I only read blogs that are personally significant to me. Virtually every blogger I follow has tapered off to nothing, so right now, I’m really only reading your blog and my own. Yes, I read my own posts when I get the email, usually to see how badly I butchered English this time. I generally only read blogs when their posts are emailed to me.


  2. I really only read your blog and a sex toy reviewer blog. o.o
    I use RSS feeds, but I hadn’t subscribed to this one yet, I’ma do that after I post the comment.
    But I read posts on Tumblr when I catch ’em on my dash. And I check on certain mutuals’ Tumblrs every once inna while


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