job prospects

I have an IRL job interview tomorrow morning for document imaging.  then tomorrow afternoon, I have a phone interview for an office monkey position with a law firm.  then I already had a different phone interview for another documents imagining project; but this one was via a staffing company, meh.  so I’ve gotten a lot of stuff lined up.

meanwhile, I’ve been invited to do a part-time online job thing.  I checked them out, of course, before giving them any information.  the BBB website is very helpful for that, lol.  I just need to finish up two more pieces of paperwork, then I’m ready to go.  it’s just web reviews about ads and websites; nothing fun, but at least it’s something.  and the workload is 10-30 hours a week; I can spare 30 hours for the pay they’re offering.  I can easily have a show on in the background while working.  and again – income, lol.

but I’m still really looking for a career.  I keep saying that – I really have no clue for what I’m looking.  a job I do every day without hating?  is that really too much to ask…?


leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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