a brief check-in

wow. so many things have changed very recently.

firstly, I’m typing this during my lunch break at my new job.  like, the one I plan on keeping long-term.  I’m the Office Manager for a small law firm that represents mainly low-income and minority clients.  the job itself is wonderful, and the colleagues are cool; I, however, am of course insufficient.  I was honest with them at the beginning about having only unofficial and minor experience in accounting, by which I mean mere bookkeeping. but my charisma sold me, I think.  and now this poor company has me handling their finances, helping them with certain things about their cases, making sure everyone gets their paychecks, and generally being the backbone that keeps this place running — as such they are royally fucked.  Baby Bird can’t even feed herself some days; and now she’s going to keep a law firm functioning?  O_O

my parents drove up Monday and are currently flying back home.  with them came my car.  I just have to decipher a letter from the Minnesota DMV about if the fees are being waived or not.  if so, then I just go to a DMV to get my license.  if not, then I got to a DMV, pay them $800, then get my license.  either way, this is all coming to a close and I’ll be driving again soon.

the drinking issues are going well.  I may have a glass of wine here or there, or a few beers at Murry’s.  but otherwise, that’s it.  of course, that means I’ve started cutting again, lol.  I’ve only done it twice.  but that’s still two times more than I had since October 2015.

therapy is good too.  I go every Saturday morning at 8:30, which will leave me the rest of the day in case of fun events (such as the Minnesota State Fair that Brian and I attended a few weekends back).  and best of all — insurance is still covering it!!  😀

I’m going to see about making a “regular” work schedule.  from there, I can plan my workouts and a writing schedule.  I hope that means I’ll update more.  I also hope it means I’ll start reading my friends’ and mentors’ blogs again.  I have no clue what’s going on in the lives of anyone who is my cat, my boyfriend, or my parents.  everyone else may as well live on a different planet for all I know about their happenings.


4 thoughts on “a brief check-in

  1. So… just curious — what’d you think of the great Minnesota get-together? lol. It’s not my thing, but holy cow is it popular! People come from all over Minnesota for it and so many around here go 2-3 times every year. What was your favorite food? :).

    CONGRATS on a decent job, that I’m sure once you have your foot hold in it, you’ll do fantastic and be their financial guru. We can always accomplish more than we think we can!

    Keep up therapy — something I have been telling myself I need to get back into as it’s been 7 years.. Thanks for the check in :).


    • it was neat. and HUGE. we went only Saturday this year. last year, however, we went Saturday and Sunday, because we were so overwhelmed by its size! we haven’t really played with trying all the foods yet. 😦 though both years Brian got one of those buckets off cookies, lol!!

      yeah, every day at work, it’s getting easier. and apparently my supervisor had been speaking very highly of me. yay!

      why haven’t you started back on therapy yet?


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