brief update

things have been surprisingly overall good.



work is a million times better.  I’m not coming home crying every night, which is a nice change.I feel more confident in my skills and my ability to carry out tasks and understand ideas.  I mean,we all knew I would get to a place of competency; what we didn’t know was if I would I be able to survive the wait.  well, looks like I could.  🙂



I’ve applied to volunteer with a few organizations, all three animal-related.

The first one, it would be regular, constant shifts.  I’m awaiting additional information from them.  They house cats they are up for adoption and assist soon-to-be-owners in choosing the best critter for their home and family.

The second one is more of event planning for this other animal organization.  There is going to be a meeting in early January about fundraising ideas.

And the third, I’m still waiting to learn more details about the style of volunteerism and its related tasks.



I found a Young Adult Book club on MeetUp. com.  Rather than a YA book club, it’s kinda just this group of friends who gets together to do shit, some of which is occasionally YA book-related, lol.  which I don’t mind!  I’ve gone to four or five events now, so I really think they are going to be a group of friends I can turn to for large social interaction.



I’m DM’ing a table-top role-playing game that’s based in the Supernatural world and uses the Cortex system.  However, we have one person who’s being non-committal about playing.  We want at least three Players, and we currently only have two (excluding the aforementioned girl), so her commitment is important. When it looked like she wasn’t going to be interested and after she ceased responding to my efforts of communication, I offered the spot to another person.  Her was interested; but then he too went radio silent.

It’s usually hard to find DM’s, not the Players, lol.




6 thoughts on “brief update

  1. That’s awesome you’re DMing :). Supernatural, eh? I just started getting into it, was given season 1 and watched it in two weeks. Just got season 2, and watched three episodes last night. Addicting :-b. Hope you’re able to get that set up and running soon! 🙂

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      • i’m loving it. I was a bit creeped out a few times, I’m not into horror stuff, but I just watched it with the lights on in my bedroom… lol. I love the brothers, they’re awesome, and it helps they’re attractive, but not unrealistic :). I asked for season 3 for Christmas.


        • I think all the previous seasons are on Netflix, if you subscribe to that service.

          RE the horror: I looooove horror, so I don’t find it scary personally. but I know many who do. the show provides a good balance, from what I can tell, of the horror and the comedy. my only concern for you is the spoilers, lol. I’ll try not to give away TOO much in my blog. :3


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