re-enrolling in a free “class”

last January, I started to revamp this blog and give it a direction.  at the same time, WordPress had this “WordPress University” training thing going on.  I enrolled, but only completed two assignments: the first and the second ones, lol.  you can go back and re-read them.  but they don’t really tell you anything you shouldn’t already know by this point.  in fact, I’ll summarize them for you:

  • I’m a southern tomboy who moved to Minnesota.
  • I have chronic mental and physical ailments, which are often the feature of my posts.
  • I’m also a nerd and a little wacky, so random topics will appear too.
  • the end.

tomorrow, I’ll get an email that will be session three.  that, and any following sessions, will be under the category of “WordPress University” and its sub-category “01- Blogging Fundamentals” — because OMG, I love sub-folders to an unhealthy degree, lol.

so yeah.  there’s that to look forward too.  🙂  me writing about my writing about my writings.  oh so meta.


leave your two cents. or three, because I'm poor.

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