driving in snow

“Brian,” I called from the living room, gazing out the window, “what happened to the Outside?”  I simply received a grumble in return.  “no, I mean, is there anything still under all the white?”

this weekend, the Twin Cities and numerous of its surrounding areas were under Snow Storm Warning.  so it wasn’t just that this southern girl was giddy with the snowfall of a winter in the north.  even the locals were commenting and lamenting about the amount of frozen water that was coming from the sky and settling atop of everything.

and of course, I had an appointment that morning.  thank the heavens it wasn’t a terribly far drive.  but for as short as it was, it was greatly adventurous.

see, I had never driven in snow before.  EVER.  not even like, “oh, it was kinda snowing this one time.”  I mean never.

and I was terrified.

it had been over two years since I was last driving at all, prior to just a few months ago.  and now I’m going to have to drive in snow.  dude, I still don’t even know how to properly dress for snow, much less drive in it.

but I did.  and I survived.  and others on the road and all of our cars survived.  hell, even the curbs were unscathed.

for those of you who have never driven on snow before, imagine what you *think* driving on ice might be like.  then throw in some mud, except that the mud sticks to your tires and that’s what give sit the icy, slick sensation.

I was more scared of driving it before I got in the car than once I was on the road sliding around.  at that point, sure, I was still a little fearful; but it was also exciting and really interesting at the same time.

and again, no collision or curb checks, so all ended well.


now I just get to do that at least twice more every day for next four or five months.  o_O



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