talking a good game

I hadn’t posted any additional progress on the WordPress University project, because I’ve kinda been holding off.  one of my remaining assignments is to comment and link back to someone else’s post.  I kept waiting for just the right one.

instead, I’ll go back some and pull up a previous post that resonated with me.

I’m a member of the “believe in yourself” generation, but I don’t.

I mostly talk a good game, though.

that was the entire post.  it’s succinct, yet accurate.  I think many of us feel like we’re merely claiming to be a part of or similar to something.  but as I told the author of the post, no one can be On all of the time.  and those Off times doesn’t make the On times any less legit.

and even as I type this, I question how much I actually believe that last sentence….  that’s a little meta, I suppose.

WordPress University: 01- Blogging Fundamentals
Day Eight: Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors!
Day Nine: Get Inspired by the Neighbours
Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal
Day Twelve: Make Some New Connections

6 thoughts on “talking a good game

  1. “And those Off times doesn’t make the On times any less legit.”
    Thank you both for your thoughts on my post (to which I still haven’t written a solid reply, for which I apologize) and for this succinct way of thinking about the problem. I tend to allow my Off times to internally de-legitimize my On times. I should stop that; it’s not helpful.

    Thanks 🙂

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