Winter Is (finally) Here

so I’m finally doing it.  I’m finally getting around to watching Game of Thrones.  lawlz.  yeah, until two nights ago, I had not seen more than a mere two minutes of the show.  though not  for disinterest.  rather, it’s because I was so interested and knew I would like it.  see, I wanted to read the books first — like all good little book-lovers and librarians do.  but there are only five million other books that I have to read, and two million that I’m currently in the middle of (fo’ realz, there are 12 books on my “currently reading” GoodReads shelf).

anyway.  we’re three episodes in, and of course I love it.  so I’m going to be chronicling my watching the show and catching up with everyone.  there’s six or so season, so the first few months of my writing should be fine RE spoilers.  for example, I already “know” spoilers that happen to characters I haven’t even met yet — six years, it’s fair game, lol.  I’ve created a new tag to log all these updates in.

if you’re a GoT fan, you may find amusement as I fawn of characters I love, shit over characters I dislike, and guess as to what may happen next.

also, if there’s any kind of “talley” you’d want (ex: everytime a character references that winter is inbound), let me know and I’l make a game out of it.  🙂

and lastly, if you are a fan, feel free to share your fandom with me.  (and that goes for ANY fandoms we have in common!)  what are some of your fav sites, resources, fanart, and fanfics?  who’s your favourite character, and why?  did you make an Insert Char?; if so, tell me about him.

I miss falling in with a fandom.  so I’m really looking forward to doing it again.


9 thoughts on “Winter Is (finally) Here

  1. That’s very cool to hear you’ll be watching the show, and providing your observations.

    I’ve written around 140 posts on Game of Thrones (I do it in the off-season because I miss the show and the books) but I can’t recommend you read them, because they’re fairly detailed and spoilery.

    But maybe one day, when you’re caught up, you can check out my articles.

    Best regards!

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