GoT: Season One Review

I shouldn’t really need to post a Spoiler Warning for GoT with how far in it I’m behind.  my “spoilers” are just facts of the show at this point, lol.

nevertheless, here it is…

Game of Thrones Spoilers Behind Link

also, it’s not so much a typical review as much as it is just word vomit about the first season, lol.

wtf, I didin’t expect Ed Stark to die so damn soon!  I knew he had to, because Robb growing into rulership is obviously going to be a big part of the story.  but in the first season?  I mean, damn!

and most deaths may not surprise me as much as they did the audience at the time, because I’ve heard all the jokes about Martin killing everybody off all the time.  nevertheless, I look forward to the guessing game of who’s next.

I loooove Arya.  she is so badass.  apparently none of my friends are surprised to hear that she’s one of my favourite characters, lol.

I really like the layers of the story, though.  Starks versus Lanisters, the Targaryens against the Lanisters and co., et cetera … and then the apparent motherfucking zombies encroaching on the entirety of human race!!



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