random check-in

I finally caught up on comments to my posts.  I’m still going through all of y’all’s posts.

it seems I still have readers over at my LiveJournal.  so I may start posting over there again.  I’m getting emails again when my ElJay friends post, so that’s something.  ElJay was just so limiting, ya know?  but hey, it’s free, and it was what was available to me a million years ago.

ugh.  I’m just not feel it today.  I don’t give a shit about anything.  I don’t care about doing my job well, as I usually do.  I don’t care about how I look or feel, other than trying to care about the not-caring.  I’m not sure if I’m hungry, though I usually start to get so around this time.

I’m rekindling one of my favourite friendships — Dave.  he’s a freakin’ character, y’all.  anyway, he randomly messaged me about a week ago, and now we’re messaging almost everyday and have Skyped twice.  he’s super laissez-faire, just great fun.  he’s a supporter of some my “bad habits” (smokes. drinks. etc.), but he’s very healthy about them and guides me through proper methods of enjoying them.

he’s also my camping buddy.  I remember the first time I went to his place.  a fair bit of land, and a large pond.  there was an old pirogue (a cajun canoe) on the water, and he mentioned taking me out in it.  and I asked if there were two so we could both paddle.  he said there was only the one, then mentioned how maybe he should paddle alone.  I assertively informed him that I a master canoer and would be fine.  so we both get in.  and I just take over steering — apparently enough so and with sufficient skill that I thoroughly impressed him.  lol.  a year or so later, we would become river buddies, kayaking down various waters together.

kayaking.  I miss it.  it’s been too long since I’ve paddled.  hell, I would even take flat water right now.  just, anything.  and sun.  and warmth.  and creatures (bugs, birds, anything).

I have another post I plan to write more about that.  today’s was just to pump by blog back up on your reading list.  🙂


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