Nerd Fitness Challenge Goals

I used to participate in Nerd Fitness Challenges every seven weeks.  I have been doing that for years.  since moving up here, however, I’ve stopped.  I tried a few times, and failed.  well, I’m trying again.

below is my write-up of my Goals for this Challenge.

and if you want to know more about what Nerd Fitness and its community is, please feel free to ask!  😀

The Muddy Belle

The Backstory

with James having recently undergone her transformation from jtggodqos to the cracked belle, it was time to really push herself to the next step.  with her best friend and partner Brian, James made her way towards the land of Mud Monsters.  great turmoil was engulfing the land as creatures of all types were caking the innocent residents in gunk, setting up barricades and cages all over, preventing even those who broke free of the muck from successfully leaving to get help.

James knew this was going to be her most daunting and most difficult task ever.  with a set of thirteen or so fights during the war, James could not let individual defeats prevent her from winning overall.  moreover, James was still dealing with injuries incurred in previous battles.  she had to ensure that no matter her mood or mindset on a given day, she was going to push hard and train harder.

will James’s striving for perfectionism get in the way of success?  will she be able to overcome her injuries, working to strengthen them while still knowing when to let them heal?  will she be able to save the people in the land overtaken by the Mud Monsters?  stay tuned to find out!!

The Frontstory

I used to be very active in NerdFitness and with my fitness improvement process.  (if you don’t recognise me, it’s because I used to hang out with the Rebels or Adventurers.)  but so many changes occurred in my life (including moving literally to the other side of the country) that I got off track, and I’ve yet to get back on.

well, it’s time.  Brian and I signed up for a Tough Mudder in July, and I HAVE to be ready for it.  I have three months to train.  I can’t back out now; no excuses will be sufficient; and I will have to really give it my all.

so for the next three months, I will be focused on HIIT, lifting, and jogging practices.  so let’s see how it goes….

The Goals

QUEST:  Fight (Tough Mudder)

1]  INPUT:  keep caloric intake paleo-influenced and under 1600kcal, on average

–  kcal may be edited after additional research and experimentation.

–  I can’t do strict paleo (tried and repeatedly failed), but I can make it the direction in which I aim.
2]  OUTPUT:  exercise everyday (even just 10-minutes of walking or jump roping)

–  unless otherwise planned, daily workouts are to occur first thing every morning.

–  I’m following the fitness routine the Tough Mudder website suggested to prepare for the Half (I’m not fit enough to do the whole 10-miles and 21 obstacles yet).

–  on the plan’s rest days, I will at least do a walk or something.  just to keep my body active and to stay in the routine of working out daily.

QUEST:  Create

3]  BLOG:  create a blog schedule and stick to it

–  currently thinking about first one on Tue, a second on Thu, and a third over the weekend.

QUEST:  Learn

4]  SPANISH:  earn 30pts in Duolingo’s Spanish course every day

–  it’s really just as simple as that.  takes 20-30 minutes a day..



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